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White Women Get Heartbreak, Black Women Get Murdered. Who Do You Think Gets Justice?

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Let's jump right into it, shall we? If you've been on social media in the past week, you have seen some spicy internet drama. A man, Jason Collier, the policee chief in the small north Texas town of Stinnett, had a fiance, Cecily Steinmetz. She found out he was married and made a post on Facebook that went viral on Tuesday. It went viral because it turned out he had, in fact, another fiance. He also had at least one girlfriend. As far as gossip goes, it's highly addicitive. I mean, this man gave the same coffee machine to every woman, apparently. If you want some choice memes, just check any of the many Facebook groups that have sprung up around this man.

But my point isn't about the gossip. He had shown Cecily an annullment document, which was obviously not real. So he has since been arrested by the Texas Rangers on fraud charges (he was bonded out by one of the women, according to the internet) and resigned from his job after being placed on administrative leave. It's Saturday. It didn't even take a week for a man to lose his social standing, his job, and potentially his freedom, all as a result of cheating on his wife.

Breonna Taylor was murdered on March 13th, 2020. Did you hear about it in March? Pretty sure I didn't. It wasn't until George Floyd was murdered during Memorial Day weekend that Breonna Taylor's murder stared gettting the national attention it deserved. Whether she was asleep or not is absolutely irrelevant. Police were serving a no-knock warrant on the wrong residence. She was murdered in her own home. Her boyfriend justifiably fired at the officers because they failed to properly identify themselves.

Only one officer was charged in connection to her shooting, and that was just for wanton discharge of his firearm, after all, he shot the walls, someone in a neighboring apartment could've been hurt. Yes, walls saw more justice than a Black woman. He was fired from his job in June. Interestingly, it appears he also has a habit of sexually assaulting women. Only this month were two detectives fired for their role in Taylor's death. Myles Cosgrove was fired for the use of deadly force for firing 16 rounds into her home and failing to activate his body camera. Joshua Jaynes, who had written the serch warrant, was fired for not following the proper procedure and lying about verifying that Taylor's ex boyfriend was still recieving packages at her address. (source)

Just last week, three of the grand jurors filed a petition for impeachment of the state Attorney General for his mishandling of the charges, namely that they weren't even allowed to consider homicide charges.

So let's review: a Black woman was murdered in her own home. No one has been charged for her murder almost a year later. A white woman found out her fiance was still married and had presented fake annultment documents. A police chief lost his job and has been charged with fraud. One got justice within a few days, the other is yet to see any at all. This country is broken. There is no justice until justice is given equally. There is no peace until there is justice. No justice, no peace, no racist police!

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