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Punk Writes

Poetry in Graffitia

(Lyrics taken from various songs in Green Day's "Father of All Motherfuckers" album)

I woke up to a message of love Choking up on the smoke from above I'm obsessed with the poison and us What a mess? Cause there's no one to trust

I'm just a face in a crowd of spectators Do the sound of the voice of the traitor Dirty looks and I'm looking for a payback Burning books in a bulletproof backpack

Another one down at the mining town Breakin' it down for the lame wager Callin' the shots from the capital All that we got was the banks of hope

What are the symptoms of our happiness and Civil War? Mano y mano in the stereo without a cure

I'm taking drowning lessons Secret words and true Confessionals (Confessionals) And the worst is yet to come

For heaven's sake You're just a fake

I was a teenage teenager, I am an alien visitor My life's a mess and school is just for suckers

Another black kid was shot in town A man with the badge and a daytime show Darkness falls on Graffitia Death of a town in the afterglow

I'm hearing voices up inside my head (Oh what you thinkin'?)

There's a riot living inside of us I got paranoia, baby And it's so hysterical Crackin' up under the pressure Looking for a miracle

Rock 'n' roll tragedy, I think the next one could be me Heaven's my rival I sing in revelry, I got my own conspiracies What hides in shadows? Oh yeah

Everybody is a star Got my money and I'm feeling kinda low Everybody's got a scar Ain't it funny how we're running out of hope

I'm a nervous wreck enough to make you sick

If we're goin' down for a good time Life during war time It's the perfect crime (Only the lonely and wasted)

We are rivals in the riot inside us


This has more than one author, in a sense. The Known and The Unknown Otherwise, known as "Us"

This was put together as a representation of DID, how in manifests in ourselves, and what it's like.

This is the first of many.

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