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Punk Writes

One By One

How much further are people willing to go? When does the line get drawn, when is it all to much? How much more suffering and pain are so many willing to look past, before the curtains call? All of it is crashing down, like a tsunami wave of an infinite ocean, drowning, while reaching up and grasping at what I once saw possible. Assumption of intentions, manipulation of the masses, capitalist oligarchy is filling the glasses. Where are the rebels to fight the fight? Too busy pointing fingers at each other to realize it's all just mirrors. Where are our heroes and saviors? Too busy taking selfies at the next wall. Where are the ones who will change this world? Too busy being silenced for speaking up. We demonize, we vilify, we assume and infer, without looking within. And when we make mistakes, instead of being taught how to do better, instead of being led into the light, we are thrown into the fire and brimstone, while those who celebrate don't notice they're in the fire themselves. And those on top, the ones truly pulling strings, simply look down and laugh at the chaos they create. The world burns around them, around us all; our foundations crumbling. How many more have to fall?

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