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So, a lot of you are probably wondering about the floating banana in space. The banana, is actually having a bit of an existential crisis. You see, the banana is able to see, it's able to speak, it is able to think. The banana doesn't know why it was created, where it came from, or what it is, other than being a banana. Even more so, it knows it does not belong in space, that is not where it is from nor where it belongs. It does not understand the world around it, but is able to experience it. So the banana starts to question why is it here, what is its purpose. I have lovingly named the banana "Existential Banana", because not only am I clearly amazing at naming things, but I'm completely original. (That last bit is sarcasm, I clearly can not name things well, nor am I original in the slightest) Essentially, the banana is supposed to represent me. I often feel like I'm just floating through life, having no idea what to do, questioning everything, trying to understand everything that's around me, getting overwhelmed and stressed to the point of disassociation, to where I feel like I'm floating in space. And yet, I keep telling myself the same thing, I keep telling people the same damn thing. This is fine. Everything is okay. Nothing is wrong. This is a lie I tell myself everyday, just to keep moving forward. Taking one step at a time, no matter how small that step may be. So now I've put my own fears, my own thoughts... Into a banana that's floating in space. I don't expect it to make sense to everyone, but it's not supposed to. It makes sense to me. And, admittedly, the aesthetic of it, and the idea of it, intrigues me and brings me a bit of happiness. So there's going to be posts that are going to be talking about the deeper things in life, the bigger questions, and the questions people never want to ask or have answered. There's going to be posts about my personal issues, my struggles and hardships, and the near daily existential dread that I have inside myself. All of these will be hashtagged #NothingIsWrong These posts are not going to be specific to being autistic, rather, they'll be generic posts about a variety of the above topics and more, but the trigger warning is in itself, they will not be simple blog posts, they will not be short posts, unless I'm posting just a bit of artwork or another comic with E.B. As 2019 is coming to an end soon, I look forward to what the new decade brings, and as such I figure a change in aesthetic to something that is more representative of myself would be beneficial to my own well-being, and help those that follow and like my page understand me more. As always, love you all.

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