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New Year, Same Pandemic: Plans for 2022

Don't you love how Covid-19 cases are higher than ever now, but literally nothing is shut down? Remember two years ago when everyone was excited for it to be the "Roaring '20s" again? I guess we decided to start like it was 1918 and jump right ahead to 1929, fuck all the fun shit with speakeasies and gangsters, right? For fuck's sake, get vaccinated, get boosted, stay the fuck home as much as possible. The economy will probably grind to a halt because too many people will be sick. We need more stimulus checks honestly. Anyway, enough of my rant.

I don't do New Year's Resolutions, because they're a recipe for failure. Yet I've been thinking about how I can get into a regular schedule of posting on here. For some reason random people "like" my page on Facebook; I assume some must be real accounts. Usually I just write when there's something I'm passionate about, but that leads to only posting very few months, which is a terrible way to drive engagement up. I also don't stick to a particular subject, becuse I'm interested in everything. I do have some ideas, though.

Idea 1) Debunking bad science. Do you like science? I like science. Unfortunately, there's a lot of bad science out there. I'll probably stick more with the social sciences for this, as that's my background. With just my fields of study alone, criminology and psychology, we could easily stay busy. Would try for one post a week.

Idea 2) A review of a book, movie, TV show, or music album OR personal essay. Perhaps alternate weeks with these, that way I'd have two weeks to consume the media and analyze it.

I think two posts a week would be doable without being overwhelming, especially when only one is research heavy. And I know there would be interest, based upon the Facebook pages I follow. It would be neat if I could eventually make money from my writing, though that's absolutely not my motivation. They'll probably be later in the week posts, maybe a Wednesday and Saturday.

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