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It's Election Eve. Here's What I Fear.

Happy Election Eve, America! Over 93 million people (myself included) have already voted ahead of election day, due to the ever-present specter of Covid-19. A federal judge rightfully decided to not throw out 127,000 thousand drive-thru votes cast in Harris county, TX. Trump is well, being Trump, making wild claims that you shouldn't be able to count votes after election day, a thing that always happens. Different states have different deadlines, ranging from November 5th to December 11th. The Monday after the second Wednesday is the day the electors in each state cast their actual votes for president via the Electoral College, that's December 14th this year. It is perfectly normal not to know the winner the night of.

Anyway, here's things I think are likely to happen. We won't know the winner for some time, and if Trump loses, he won't accept it. Can you imagine that man giving a concession speech? That's why he's been claiming it's rigged for months. There will be protests from both sides, I'm honestly expecting full-on street fights. The National Guard will probably be deployed in many states. Police will fail in protecting civilians because that isn't actually their job (no, really, they have no legal responsibility to protect you, more on that another time). I'm fully expecting people to die defending American democracy...from their fellow citizens. Trump has erected the wall in front of the White House again, and maybe he'll keep it up until the inauguration. Assuming Biden does win, I don't expect Trump to walk out of the White House January 20th. As of Noon that day, Biden would be Commander in Chief, and the military just might have to remove Trump themselves. Maybe it's all part of a plan so he can say it's a coup, I don't know. I just know that the next several weeks are going to be hell.

What are your plans for tomorrow night? I plan on focusing on some Senate races (can we please get rid of Lindsey Graham?) and probably finishing book I've been reading, maybe watching some Netflix shows with my husband. In 2016, I bought a bottle wine to have a glass in celebration...that bottle didn't make it through the night, I went to work on three hours of sleep wearing all black the next day. I don't drink anymore, so I'm going to try avoiding live coverage and probably fail spectacularly! Really, best of luck to anyone voting in person tomorrow. Bring hand sanitizer and wear a mask! May the odds be ever in our favor.

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