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Hello From Quarantine

Hello again!

You would think that I would've been writing more, not less, due to quarantine, but alas, that's not how my brain works. First, my husband and I actually got sick on March 15th, literally went to urgent care first thing that Sunday morning. At the time, they didn't even have tests for Covid-19, not that we would've fit the strict testing guidelines at the time anyway, though we did fit the updated ones that were set after we were feeling better. Our flu tests were negative, but I'm fairly confident they were done incorrectly, so who knows. Got a doctor's note for a two week medical quarantine, this was a week before New Jersey went into lockdown. Whether it was the flu or actually Covid-19, I can tell you we slept A LOT and I needed a fucking heat wrap for my back from all the coughing, that Nyquil is a godsend, and Mucinex (or anything containing guaifenesin, an expectorant) DID NOT help, and actually made things worse.

What We've Been Watching

  • All of Schitt's Creek, which is hilarious and adorable.

  • Tiger King, of course. Yes she killed her husband and Doc is running a fucking cult.

  • My Hero Acadamia, it's cute but damn does it draw things out.

  • Nailed It, the Netflix baking show of people who struggle to even bake a cake, let alone decorate them. It's hilarious and cathartic, and makes me hungry

  • A lot of stand-up comedy. Have y'all heard of Iliza Shlesinger? Because I hadn't, and we ended up watching her sketch show first, and then her stand-up specials backwards, but she is seriously hilarious.

  • Tales from the Loop. We haven't watched the last to episodes, but its very intriguing. It's on Amazon Prime, and is sort of an anthology thing where each episode focuses on a different character and they're quasi-independent from the other episodes (so far). It's science fiction.

  • I've watched two livestreams now from A-F Records. Like, literally, the reason I made an Instagram that has no posts on it. Now I follow a bunch of small musicians and cat pages, which is my personality in a nutshell. I want to actually delve into some of the bands/artists and do some reviews, maybe.

We've also been playing Animal Crossing, and our sleep schedule is from like, 6 AM-2 PM now. Legit, we made pizza at like 3 AM last night.

What I'd Actually Like to Do

  • Read a book. I had one started, it's actually Jo Nesbo's take on Macbeth, but I think I'm having trouble getting into it is because I hardly remember the actual story of the play and I feel like that knowledge would probably allow me to enjoy it more. But you know, take the story of Macbeth and convert it into a 70's Norwegian crime thriller involving drug gangs...

  • Clean our bedroom. It's eternally a mess, but the problem is not having anywhere to put stuff...I have too much stuff.

  • Write something. I mean, I guess this counts, but I'm thinking poetry or something. My novel died again. I think short stories are the way to go for me, novels just require too much executive functioning to plot out and pace correctly.

That's it for now! This wasn't actually the post I wanted to write, but I figured I should have one explaining where I've been before just jumping into random topics again.

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