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Demon in Angels Wings

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

"From the thunder, and the storm— And the cloud that took the form (When the rest of Heaven was blue) Of a demon in my view—" ~Alone by Edgar Allen Poe

Sometimes in life, we are blind to the demons who have been with us all our lives, the ones that are hidden in angels wings, in the soothing voice; the ones that meant to love us, to care.

They blind us, then we blind ourselves, we don't want to see because we can't, then we refuse.

Then what to do, when no longer blinded, when life lifts the veil, and we see the demons for whom the are; the humans they are; not monster, not evil, human. Human, flawed, manipulative, filled with hatred, whether self or others; unable to change their way from time or willful refusal.

What to do when the demons are the humans who were meant to love us, to do when we see things, when we understand.

Do we run, do we fight, do we stay silent, do we act?

Evil wins when good men do nothing, though evil and good are blurred and confused; is the best act self preservation, saving ourselves and the ones affected, or do we rest, do we hide, do we save ourselves?

If proving those demons, those humans, no longer angels; if showing them for who they are only brings us to hell with them, what is the right action?

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