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M. Bennett Photography

Moments of Kindness

Morgan Miller

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M. Bennett Photography was started in late 2007 by a young Morgan Miller. Since then we have evolved to be so much more than a child’s hobby. Our business does all it can and more to make sure your memories are preserved in pristine condition and our photographs capture the real and true emotion of the moment – guaranteed to make you smile!

The core focus of our photography is to bring to light everything within a human soul and nature itself. The slightest shadow the the brightest light is portrayed in perfection, including things that your eyes alone may not see.

Our belief is that photography is the best way to treasure our pasts and look forward to the future. The goal is to have someone see your photo and feel the emotion within it and to feel what you yourself felt when the photo was taken, to preserve that feeling in eternity.

We have had experience with many different events and locations, from a child’s first day at summer camp to the smile between two souls in complete love with one another. From large scale parties, gatherings of friends and family to breathtaking landscapes and moments in time. The laughter of a newborn, to the wind in the trees, we strive to bring every bit of beauty life has to offer to light, and preserve it forever.

Pricing is available on our Facebook page under "Services", click here!

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