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You Have No Ears, Yet Claim To Hear.

(Title of this post is a parody of "I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream.", a "post-apocalyptic science fiction short story by American writer Harlan Ellison" -,_and_I_Must_Scream)

Something I really do not understand.

There are thousands of people (no seriously, just look it up on any social media, google, Twitter, Facebook, etc) who say that ABA caused PTSD and traumatized them in one or more ways, while still some also saying it helped them.

If, and really think about this, if the reason you or someone else is getting a person put through ABA therapy, they're doing it to help them, right?

So, if there's even a less than 1% chance that it COULD cause PTSD, shouldn't that be looked into?

Shouldn't the entire industry be researching it, parents demanding practices and the industry to research and look into it?

If it's really about HELPING, then why not examine what THOUSANDS (probably more) are saying has happened to them. Investigate, research, regulate more.

Is it really worth the risk? Why is it just being ignored?

When a medication has a severe side effect from one single person, it's still listed as a chance of a side effect in the paperwork and online.

Why do we not hold ABA to the same standards?

In cases where a professional is accused of abuse, or there's evidence of trauma from a patient, there's gigantic investigations that go on.

Why does this not seem to be happening at all with ABA?

How come when I have personally asked people who support ABA, if they'd agree to look into the claims made, and if they agree that, at the very least, more research should be done to find out what about ABA is causing this trauma, or if it's ABA entirely, why do they ignore me, not reply, or disagree that it should be looked into, or just state that it doesn't cause any trauma?

If ABA is truly about helping autistic people, why isn't anyone who provides it, making sure it's truly safe?

The second literally ANYTHING nowadays could be even slightly harmful to children or adults, the media and parents and everyone goes wild with stories and interviews and everything you could think of.

Why is only the autistic community talking about this?

Why is no one listening to our screams for help?

Do you actually care about us, or do you just want us to drown?

Throwing us a life preserver that might actually be a concrete block.

Maybe the purpose was never to help us at all.

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